« sea-lean ✧ xĭlín ✧ 禧琳 »

» JELLI ✦ they/them
artist, illustrator, animator

contact: sxilinart @ gmail
discord: jelli#5367


live2d request

this is the commission request form for live2d models!
if you're looking for the illustration form, please go here.

by filling out this form, you agree to my terms of service.

» how should i refer to you?
» where should i contact you? (discord preferred, twitter and email ok)
» what is your paypal email?
» what type of live2d commission are you interested in?
» do you want to commission me for art, rig, or both?
» please link your reference(s), moodboard(s), and/or other relevant information:
» please tell me a little bit about your character:
» do you have any other questions or comments?
» may i livestream your commission?

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