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artist, illustrator, animator

contact: sxilinart @ gmail
discord: jelli#5367


live2d models

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prices may increase according to complexity or other add-ons. character design fees are considered separately from art.

commercial usage fee is included in pricing.

i use vtube studio with a laptop webcam to test rigs. i cannot accurately test eye tracking, iOS exclusive, or vbridger parameters.

standard models



simple emote examples

both art and rig have an estimated turnaround of 1-2 months each.

3 emotes are included with the model.

if your model is improperly cut, i will charge an additional cutting fee, or decline your commission.
if you are not commissioning me for both art and rig, i would prefer to be in contact with your artist or rigger for best results.

mini models

✧ tier 1: simple objects - 150$
✧ tier 2: creatures with rigged ears or legs - 250$
✧ tier 3: human, humanoid, or bipedal chibis - 350$

turnaround time is approximately 1 month.

3 emotes are included with the model. prices are halved if you only want art. i will not rig other people's creatures, sorry!

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