🌱 Mousse Alba

age 22

Gender Female (she/her)

Race Anima - Jackalope

Height 150cm/4'11"

Main Theme IU - Secret Garden

Class Familiar to miyabau's Souffle

House Sirius

Magic Food Garden Magic;

Mousse's magic focus is on edible foods and herbs, so as to better assist Souffle. However, her magic is non-discriminatory, and she is capable of growing poisonous plants as well. She doesn't enjoy it though!

* Acceleration - Like a time lapse video, Mousse's magic is ideal for making plants grow much faster than normally possible.

* Enhancement - Even if the original seeds are not genetically modified, Mousse's crops grow larger and more flavorful--but only if she has the concentration to control her powers.

Limitations - Mousse cannot grow plants from nothing, so she carries seeds around on her person. Naturally, larger plants require more energy to grow. The water required for a plant's biological processes is drawn from the air, so Mousse has more difficulty growing plants in dry climates. On top of her acceleration abilities, her magic is used as nutrients, but in a pinch, she can draw nutrients from her physical body as well. However, like drawing blood, doing so in excess is not recommended.

She cultivates a lot of fruit trees whereever she can, because growing them takes up a lot of her magic. Growing a single fruit off of an already existing tree is much easier! She also likes to have many little potted herbs within reach. They are comforting for her.


protective ⚪ perceptive ⚪ nonsocial ⚪ organized
inflexible ⚪ steady ⚪ one-track mind ⚪ stubborn

Mousse has two modes of personality: With Souffle, and Without Souffle.

With Souffle, Mousse is quite fussy and mothering. Souffle is often quiet, so Mousse is very practiced at coaxing out her desires and concerns. She can also be somewhat protective. In front of a threat, she will not hesitate to shift Souffle behind her, using her own body as a physical barrier. (It can be quite amusing to see, due to Souffle's dramatic height advantage over Mousse.) Souffle makes her feel safe with just their presence, so she wants to do her best to reciprocate that feeling.

Mousse adores Souffle very dearly, and her love only strengthens as the years pass. She is most playful and open with Souffle by her side, unhesitatingly teasing and joking, and also very physically affectionate. She likes to bump shoulders, or trail her fingers over Souffle's arm, or gently squeeze her hand in her own ... she loves Souffle a lot, and is quite open about showing it. If she has Souffle with her, her interactions with other people flow more naturally as well. It's quite a dependent relationship.

Mousse knows that she is, perhaps, a little too dependent on Souffle, but she can't bring herself to care.

Without Souffle, Mousse has a practiced friendly demeanor, attentively responding to inquiries, but unskilled at holding a conversation for very long. She's somewhat lost and uncomfortable when put into social situations, and tries to hide it the best she can, but the awkwardness comes through sometimes. She would rather not have to socialize at all than to socialize without Souffle by her side. However, she does her best to be polite, at the very least. It helps that she is inclined to have a cheerful and optimistic outlook. It makes her seem easy to take advantage of, but she can also be very stubborn, and is comfortable with refusing to do favors for others unless she knows them particularly well.

She spooks easily, especially with loud noises; her ears are sensitive, which doesn't help. She can be a little airheaded at times, and has a short attention span. She often stares off into space. (She's probably thinking about Souffle.) However, if someone piques her interest, she has a strong attention to detail from years of interpreting Souffle's restrained body language. She doesn't necessarily understand what some of those details mean, but with increased familiarity, she finds that she can read others quite well.

Mousse maintains a very steady schedule, as her plants require regular maintenance such as watering, trimming, and fertilizing, as well as less-regular activities such as repotting or planting something entirely new. Her consistency carries over into her regular life, as she keeps almost-obsessive track of appointments, meetings, and other time commitments. She even schedules in relaxation time if she feels it's necessary. However, her rigid scheduling makes it difficult for her to flexibly adapt to sudden changes in her life.

Mousse isn't a hyperactive person, but has good stamina and is consistent. She's good at rationing her energy over the course of a day. Despite her brief moments of airheadedness, Mousse has a good memory and rarely writes things down. Her memory helps with her seed storage practices, knowing what seed will grow what plant, and which pockets each seed is located in.

In a pinch, Mousse's first instinct is to fight. Not with her magic - Mousse is physically strong from years of growing plants the natural way, and in the same vein, isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty. She will not hesitate to throw the first punch. Souffle dislikes it when she's in danger though, so if she is given the chance to think for a moment, she will do her best to escape instead.


Mousse is the eldest child of five, and incredibly good at corralling children as a result. Growing up, she was often allowed to be independent and tended to roam in her free time, as long as she didn't cause trouble that would return to the family. Because of her many household duties as the eldest, she had to manage her time well in order to have any free time at all. She especially enjoyed wandering the oak woods that her home is located in, and where she met Souffle. However, because of her house in the woods, she is unused to interacting much with people outside of her family.

Her family is vegan and tends to an extensive food garden that grows outside their home. Mousse and her siblings' main chore growing up was tending to this garden, and where Mousse developed her affinity for food-related plants. Her family, in general, has a history of plant affiliation, from flowers to poisons to parasites, allowing her to have a broad knowledge of general botany. Her mother attended St. Spell, allowing her to teach them how to avoid magical accidents and other safety concerns. Nonetheless, they mostly use mundane methods to grow their plants. Mousse only agreed to attend St. Spell because Souffle is doing so as well.

The first time Mousse saw a horse, she was terrified. The horse wasn't too happy about their meeting either. Luckily, the rambunctious (at the time) Souffle was around to settle the horse and comfort Mousse, and because of her solitary lifestyle, Mousse was determined to make this person her friend. Mousse's first taste of eggs and milk was from food that Souffle made for her; it was something that had a great impact on her and she deeply treasures that memory.

When Souffle began attending the local school, Mousse was still being homeschooled. Mousse watched as Souffle began to distance themself from her. In a desperate effort to maintain their friendship, Mousse ended up crying on an awkward Soufle, and they talked it out, and grew closer as a result. Souffle is still quite reserved in comparison to when they first met, but Mousse has learned to read them better as well; Souffle's affection is expressed through actions, not words, and Mousse cherishes them very lovingly.

Additional Information

Design notes and Pinterest

fresh fruit
others' blood
loose leaf tea
expensive things

* Mousse has named all of her plants and talks to them as she takes care of them. It's surprisingly educational to listen to, because like a good doctor, she explains everything she's doing out loud.

* Mousse is vegetarian (will eat eggs)! She would be vegan like her family, but Souffle's cooking is too good.

* For years, Souffle thought Mousse's name was Moose. (Antlered creature? Must be Moose.) The day they fixed that misconception was very uncomfortable for both of them.

* Mousse is, physically and emotionally, a very warm person. She doesn't often let people close enough to learn this about her, though.

Roleplay Info & Availability

Timezone - Pacific
Active - 10AM - 1PM, 8PM - 1AM
Discord - @jelli#9516
casual, lit (3rd pov), art

st.spell belongs to bennabun. mousse belongs to sxilin.